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An effective way to encourage staff development would be
a) To provide money for continued training.
b) To allow early dimissal time for training.
c) To provide common planning time for grade level teams.
d) All answers are correct.

A wiki could be useful for
a) Connecting information.
b) Group projects.
c) Doing research.
d) All the answers are correct.

Which technology tool allows users to create their own social web site?
a) Nings
b) Mashups
c) Blogs
d) Wikis

Which answer it NOT one of the four Cs for successful planning?
a) Collaboration
b) Creativity
c) Commitment
d) Continuity

Which of the following is NOT a factor to be considered in planning for technology?
a) Student needs
b) Staff development
c) Infrastructure
d) Photo opportunities

TSSA stands for
a) Technology Standards for School Administrators
b) Teaching Standards for School Associations
c) Technology State Standards for Administrators
d) Teaching State Standards for Administrators

What percentage of technology money should be spent on professional development?
a) 10-15%
b) 15-20%
c) 20-25%
d) 25-30%

Google Apps and Google Docs are examples of
a) Bookmarking.
b) Search engines.
c) Wikis.
d) Desktop software.

This technology tool allows people to comment on content in five different ways.
a) Nings
b) Mashups
c) Bookmarking
d) Voice Thread

Which of the following best describes Web 2.0?
a) Open source
b) Single creator
c) Application based
d) Copyrighted material

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