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iuvenis in horto sedet
a) The young man is sitting in the garden
b) The young men were sitting in the garden
c) The young man was sitting in the garden
d) The young men are sitting in the garden

Quintus fabulam legit.
a) Quintus is reading a play
b) Quintus was reading plays
c) Quintus is reading plays
d) Quintus was reading a play

pater in tablinum laborat.
a) Father is working in his office
b) Mother is working in her office
c) Mother was working in her office
d) Father was working in his office

mater ad forum it
a) Mother is going to the forum
b) Father was going to the forum
c) Father is going to the forum
d) Mother was going to the forum

Caecilius epistulas scribit.
a) Caecilius is writing letters
b) Caecilius was writing a letter
c) Caecilius is writing a letter
d) Caecilius was writing letters

uxor pecuniam numerat
a) His wife is counting monry
b) His son in counting money
c) His son was counting money
d) His wife was counting money

servus legit et scribit.
a) The slave reads and writes
b) The slaves were reading and writing
c) The slave was reading and writing
d) The slaves read and write

omnes servi circum villam laborant
a) All the slaves are working around the house
b) The lonely slaves are working around the house
c) The slave is working all around the house
d) The lonely slave is working around the house

dominus servis pecuniam dat.
a) The master gives his slaves money
b) The slave give the master money
c) The masters give the slaves money
d) The slaves give their master money

servi domino vitam facilem dant.
a) The slaves give their master an easy life
b) The slave gives his master an easy life
c) The slave gave his master an easy life
d) The slaves gave their masters easy lives

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