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A _______________ is a group of people who rules a country.
a) structure
b) prison
c) government
d) movie

Buildings and bridges are examples of
a) structures
b) governments
c) senates
d) water

The _______________was a group of men who made the laws.
a) actors
b) prison
c) senate
d) gladiators

The Romans built the __________________ for gladiator fights and other entertainment.
a) senate
b) aqueduct
c) bathing pools
d) Colosseum

Which was the name of the capital city of the Roman Enpire after Constantine came to power?
a) New York
b) Constantinople
c) Baghdad
d) Sparta

Greece had a ________________type of government.
a) Communist
b) Monarchy
c) Democratic
d) Dictatorship

An ______________________ is a structure that carries water to a city.
a) aqueduct
b) Colosseum
c) mountain
d) government

Which of the following leaders took control of the Roman Empire?
a) Constantine
b) Julius Caesar
c) Brad Pitt
d) Justinian

Which of the following is NOT something that Octavian Augustus did?
a) He tried to build a good government.
b) He helped support the building of important new structures.
c) He made laws to protect women, children and slaves.
d) He travelled to China.

Which of the following is NOT a reason for the decline of the Roman Empire?
a) The Roman Empire was too big to defend.
b) Women were given the right to vote.
c) Some of the emperors were corrupt and did not care about the people.
d) The government did not have enough money to pay its soldiers.

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