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Which social scientist would most like study how the questions of what to produce, how to produce and for whom to produce are answered for specific societies?
a) a sociologist
b) an economist
c) an anthropologist
d) a geographer

Italy, Korea, Spain, and India are similar in that each is considered
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) a landlocked nation
d) an island nation

A personal letter, an autobiography, a diary and a driver's license are all example of
a) primary sources
b) secondary sources
c) official records
d) published records

Oceans are an important source of food in Japan, terrace farming is used in many parts of China, and irrigation systems are widely used in India. These statements show that
a) Many civilizations use irrigation to improve crop production.
b) People adapt to meet the challenges of their geography
c) Fish provide adequate protein for the Japanese
d) Most nations are dependent on the same food source

Which social scientists are best known for studying the physical artifacts of a culture?
a) geographers
b) archaeologists
c) economists
d) sociologists

Archaelogists Revise Historical Interpretations After New Discovery. This headline indicates that the understanding of historical facts
a) remains the same over time
b) is passed down from one generation to another
c) reflects a variety of personal opinions
d) is shaped by the available evidence

Height above sea level, distance from the equator, amount of rainfall, average daily temperature. Which aspect of geography is most influenced by these factors?
a) natural boundaries
b) climate
c) topography
d) mineral resourcwes

Which activity would be most characteristic of people in a traditional society?
a) serving in government assemblies
b) working in an industrialized city
c) having the same occupation as their parents
d) establishing a mercantile system of trade

The main purpose of a time line is to show the
a) causes and effects of wars
b) location of important places
c) benefits of modern civilizations
d) chronological relationship between events

Throughout history, people have lived on savannas, in deserts, in mountains, along river valleys, along coastlines, and on islands. This statement demonstrates that people
a) adapt to their surroundings
b) develop a common language
c) organize similar forms of government
d) prefer to live in isolated areas

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