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A W4 form is used to
a) help determine how much should be taken out of each paycheck for tax purposes.
b) file income taxes
c) a tax form used to file state taxes
d) a tax form used to file federal taxes

The federal tax form used by Virginia residents to pay states taxes is called
a) 1040EZ
b) 760
c) 1040A
d) W2

A dependent can be a
a) dog
b) cat
c) child
d) friend

A federal tax form used by individuals who have taxable income less than $100,000 but have depentents.
a) 1040EZ
b) 1040
c) 760
d) 1040A

The goverment agency responsible for collecting income taxes.
a) Department of Homeland Security
b) Treasurery Department
c) IRS
d) Federal Reservse

When the IRS reviews a tax return to verify that the information reported is correct.
a) audit
b) evasion
c) correcting
d) reassessing

The 1040 EZ form is used when
a) income is greater than $100,000
b) income is less than $100,000
c) you are claiming only 1 dependent
d) interest income is greater than $1,500

Which of the following states do no have to pay state income taxes.
a) Virginia
b) California
c) North Carolina
d) New Hampshire

Income taxes are paid
a) every pay period
b) once a month
c) once a week
d) at the end of the year

The proper name for the W2 form is
a) Employee Withholidng Allowance Certificate
b) Tax Summary
c) Wages and Tax Statement
d) Tax Allownace Withholidng Statement

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