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Identify a purpose of local and national graphic communications associations.
a) Provide IT technical computer support for small and large print providers
b) Provide training and education to the printing industry
c) raise money for needy commercial printers
d) Sell presses, software and hosting services to the graphic communications industry

_________ is a printing operation that is owned by and serves the needs of a single company or corporation.
a) In-Plant Printing
b) Direct Printing
c) In-direct or Offset Lithography
d) Quick Printing

________ a printing establishment specializing in producing short-run jobs quickly on offset duplicators or digital presses.
a) In-plant Printing
b) Direct Lithography
c) Offset Printing
d) Quick Printing

In one month, a print shop owner has the following expenses: equipment repair, $286.76; paper, $142.27; electric bill, $160.16; telephone, $116.27; and labor, $15,312.50. What was the owner's total monthly expenditure?
a) $16017.26
b) $16018.26
c) $16017.96
d) $16018.96

On a press run, labor costs $54.65, paper and supplies cost $16.30, and the tax is $3.28. What is the total cost of the job?
a) $74.13
b) $74.23
c) $74.13
d) $74.43

What is the printing process used to print directly from a computer?
a) Flexography
b) Gravure
c) Letterpress
d) Non-Impact/Digital

What printing process is used to print carbonless paper (like the MHS tardy tickets)?
a) Flexography
b) Gravure
c) Letterpress
d) In-direct or Offset Lithography

What printing process is used to print on shirts?
a) Flexography
b) Gravure
c) In-direct or Offset Lithography
d) Screen Printing

What printing process is used to print packaging?
a) Flexography
b) Gravure
c) Letterpress
d) In-direct or Offset Lithography

The printing industry is frequently referred to as the_______________.
a) designing, publishing, packaging
b) printing, designing, packaging
c) printing, publishing, labeling
d) printing, publishing, packaging

The printing industry’s sales income and number of employees that rank it as one of the ____________ industries in the United States.
a) fastest
b) largest
c) slowest
d) smallest

The printing process based on the principle that oil and water do not readily mix is _________.
a) Letterpress
b) In-direct or Offset Lithography
c) Flexography
d) Screen Printing

The printing process that uses a sunken (intaglio) printing surface is _________.
a) Letterpress
b) Offset Lithography
c) Flexography
d) Gravure

_________ is a method of direct rotary printing that uses flexible relief image plates of rubber or photopolymer material.
a) Screen Printing
b) Offset Lithography
c) Flexography
d) Gravure

______ is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.
a) augmented reality (AR)
b) cross media communications
c) production inkjet
d) quick response code (QR)

_________ method in which inked images are offset or transferred from one surface to another.
a) in-plant printing
b) in-direct or offset lithography printing
c) direct lithography printing
d) quick printing

What are the three press cylinders used in offset lithography?
a) Paper, Impression, Blanket
b) Plate, Impression, Blanket
c) Printing, Impression, Blanket
d) Printing, Indirect, Blanket

Most businesses would not be able to function without some form of _________.
a) Communications
b) Graphic
c) Graphic Arts
d) Graphic Communications

Identify the technology in which an on-screen 3D image moves in response to the motion of a printed marker image.
a) 3D Printing
b) Augmented Reality (AR)
c) Quick Response (QR) Code
d) Production Inkjet

__________ is a process of printing from raised surface; ink is applied to the raised image, then transferred to the paper or other substrate. Also referred to as relief printing.
a) Direct Lithography
b) Non Impact/Digital
c) Letterpress
d) In-direct or Offset Lithography

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