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Which of the following is a characteristic of a healthy animal?
a) All answers are correct
b) Clear, bright eyes
c) A good appetite
d) A sleak, shiny coat

Which of the following may be the cause of a variation in an animal's body temperature?
a) All answers are correct
b) Infection, disease
c) Excitement, stress
d) Environment

Which of the following may be the cause of a variation in an animal's pulse?
a) All answers are correct
b) Anxiety
c) Exercise
d) Shock

On which of the following parameters is respiration evaluated?
a) All answers are correct
b) Rate of respiration
c) Depth
d) Character (slow, rapid, normal)

Which of the following is not an abnormal sound when observing the lungs of an animal?
a) Steady breaths
b) All answers are correct
c) Crackles
d) Weezes

When taking a patient history, which question would be the best to ask?
a) “How much water does Fluffy drink daily?”
b) “Is Fluffy drinking more water now?”
c) “Is Fluffy drinking a lot of water?”
d) “Isn’t Fluffy drinking more water than normal?”

Which of the following is a vector of disease?
a) Flea
b) Instruments
c) Utinsels
d) Equipment

To remove a tick you should:
a) Use tweezers to grasp the head and pull straight out
b) Pour alcohol on the tick, then pull it off
c) Cut the tick off with a knife
d) Use a match to burn the tick off

The clinical signs of heartworm are:
a) deep cough, irregular heart beat, exercise intolerance
b) vomiting, deep cough, anemia
c) anemia, deep cough, irregular heart beat
d) irregular heart beat, anemia, exercise intolerance

The most common endoparasite of puppies and kittens is:
a) Roundworm
b) Flea
c) Mite
d) protozoa

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