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Which of the following terms refers to sedating animals so they lack sensitivity or awareness.
a) Anesthetize
b) Euthanize
c) Restrain
d) Capture

A ____ is a germicide that can be used on the skin of animals.
a) Antiseptic
b) Disinfectant
c) Bleach
d) Clorox

Atrophy is the _________ of tissue.
a) Shrinking
b) Swelling
c) Inflammation
d) Necrosis

A tumor that is localized and will not spread to other areas of the body is said to be _____.
a) Benign
b) Malignant
c) Necrotic
d) Acute

_______ is an accumulation of gas in the rumen.
a) Bloat
b) Acid Refulx
c) A stomach ache
d) Colic

A _______ is known as a prolonged state of unconsciousness.
a) Coma
b) Seizure
c) Nap
d) Cancer

A bone break in which the bone punctures the skin in known as a ___ fracture.
a) Compound
b) Comminuted
c) Simple
d) Greenstick

______ is an inflammation of a joint. Caused by abnormal stress on a normal joint, or by normal stress on an abnormal joint.
a) Arthritis
b) Mastitis
c) Acid Re-flux
d) A murmur

Loss of transparency of the lens of the eye is known as ______. Can be genetic or acquired as the result of injury or diabetes, etc
a) Cataracts
b) Mastitis
c) Epilepsy
d) Blindness

____ is a yellow fluid produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder that helps in the digestion of fats.
a) Bile
b) Lymph
c) Serum
d) Semen

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