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The eyes and ears of kittens open at about _____ weeks of age.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Most dogs have about ______ bones.
a) 320
b) 150
c) 270
d) 400

Cats have about _______ bones.
a) 250
b) 175
c) 300
d) 320

Cats whiskers are _______ hairs; they are connected to sensitive nerves that help the cat protect itself and find its way in the dark.
a) Tactile
b) Sensory
c) Metacarpal
d) Shortened

The gestation period of a rabbit is ________ days.
a) 30 to 32
b) 10 to 12
c) 20 to 25
d) 45 to 47

The integumentary system refers to the _____ of an animal.
a) Skin
b) Heart
c) Lungs
d) Muscles

The function of the _________ system of an animal is to rid the body of waste
a) Excretory
b) Circulatory
c) Digestive
d) Rectal

Which of the following animals has a monogastric digestive system?
a) Cat
b) Goats
c) Sheep
d) Rabbit

Which of the following animals has a ruminant digestive system?
a) Goat
b) Cat
c) Swine
d) Dog

What is the average normal rectal temperature of a cat?
a) 103
b) 102.8
c) 104.2
d) 100.6

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