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Phenothiazine tranquilizers are contradicted in an animal with:
a) epilepsy
b) hyperthyroidism
c) glaucoma
d) diabetes

In canines and felines, all deciduous teeth are normally shed by:
a) 6-8 months of age
b) 9-12 months of age
c) 2-3 months of age
d) 4-5 months of age

An osteosarcoma is a:
a) malignant tumor originating in bone
b) benign tumor originating in cartilage
c) benign tumor originating in bone
d) malignant tumor originating in cartilage

Urine filtration occurs in which portion of the nephron?
a) Glomerulus
b) Distal tubule
c) Collecting tubule
d) Proximal tubule

In the bitch, total cornification of the epithelial cells on a vaginal smear indicates:
a) estrus
b) proestrus
c) anestrus
d) metestrus

A lowered prothrombin level can be caused by a dietary deficiency, by impaired synthesis, or by impaired absorption of vitamin:
a) K
b) A
c) D
d) E

A veterinarian treated a cow for milk fever last evening, but this morning the owner calls and informs the technician that the cow is down again. The veterinarian is too sick to w
a) inform the owner that the veterinarian is sick and try to obtain a referral
b) go to the farm and treat the cow, since the condition was previously diagnosed
c) supply medication for the owner to administer to the cow
d) obtain authorization from the veterinarian to go to the farm and treat the cow

A correct statement regarding halothane and methoxyflurane is that these anesthetics:
a) cross the placenta rapidly
b) cross the placenta very slowly
c) have no affect on the fetus
d) do not cross the placenta

A correct statement regarding a Gram stain is that such a stain is a:
a) chromatic differential test of microorganisms
b) differential test of colony characteristics
c) test used to differentiate viability
d) specific analysis on specific morphology

Which of the following is the best reversible agent for inducing anesthesia in sight hounds?
a) Oxymorphone
b) Pentothal
c) Phenobarbital
d) Pentobarbital

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