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During the late 1800s and the early 1900s, prejudice against new immigrants increased mainly because these immigrants
a) came from cultural backgrounds very different from that of the majority of Americans
b) tried to replace American democracy with their own forms of government
c) formed their own labor unions in order to receive higher wages
d) had job skills superior to those of most American workers

In 1892, the United States government opened Ellis Island primarily to
a) process immigrants arriving from overseas
b) defend New York City from attack
c) check the safety of imported products
d) serve as the first federal prison in New York State

The main objective of the quota system established by the immigration laws of the 1920s was to
a) prevent illegal immigration
b) reduce the number of immigrants from certain nations
c) encourage immigration of the wealthyand educated
d) admit persons who were previously banned from immigrating

The quota system, established as part of United States immigration policy in the 1920s, was mainly designed to
a) limit the number of immigrants from certain nations
b) increase the total number of immigrants
c) allow an equal number of immigrants from every country
d) attract skilled workers and business investors

Between 1890 and 1915, the majority of immigrants to the United States were labeled new immigrants because they were
a) considered physically and mentally superior to earlier immigrants
b) forced to settle in the cities of the Midwest
c) from China, Japan, and other Asian countries
d) culturally different from most earlier immigrants

What was the experience of most of the new immigrants who arrived in the United States from southern and eastern Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s?
a) They lived in urban areas and most held low paying jobs.
b) They obtained free land in the West and became farmers
c) They became discouraged with America and returned to their homelands
d) They were easily assimilated into mainstream American culture

The intent of the United States immigration laws of the 1920s was to
a) increase economic opportunities for recent immigrants
b) encourage cultural diversity
c) restore an open-door policy toward immigration
d) restrict immigration through the use of quotas

The poem, The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus appears on which US landmark
a) Plymouth Rock
b) Lincolm Memorial
c) Statue of Liberty
d) Independence Hall

The main message of the poem, The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus was to
a) encourage a back to Africa movement among freed slaves
b) call for the imprisonment of illegal immigrants
c) welcome new immigrants to the United States
d) support the quota system placed on immigrants

In the mid 1920s, the immigration policy of the United States was mainly designed to
a) deport illegal immigrants
b) continue the traditional policy of open immigration
c) establish quotas for immigrants from certain nations
d) favor immigrants from southern and eastern Europe

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