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One way in which the Boxers in China and the Islamic fundamentalists in revolutionary Iran were similar is that each group attempted to
a) encourage cultural and economic ties with Western nations
b) eliminate foreign influence in their nation
c) establish national religious movements
d) expand overseas colonies

Which statement about Japan's socioeconomic status is an opinion?
a) Japan's gross domestic product (GDP) is high and its birthrate is low.
b) Japan has the most efficient educational system and the best culture in Asia
c) Japan's infant mortality rate is low and its life expectancy is high
d) Japan has a high percentage of urban population and a high rate of literacy

The ideas expressed in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights most closely reflect the political philosophy of the
a) Scientific Revolution
b) Age of Enlightenment
c) Commercial Revolution
d) Middle Ages

Which statement best describes India's foreign policy between 1947 and 1990?
a) It imitated Great Britain's policies
b) It usually reflected the policies of China
c) It rejected all assistance from communist dictatorships
d) It generally followed a policy of nonalignment

A major source of the dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians is that each side
a) wants to control oil resources in the area
b) has historic ties to the same land
c) believes in different interpretations of the same religion
d) has close military alliances with neighboring countries

The term Green Revolution refers to
a) the study of the natural world
b) an increase in worldwide food and agricultural resources
c) a shift from making goods by hand to making them by machine
d) an uprising of farmers and industrial workers

In the 1990s, the troubled relations between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland and between Serbs, Croats, and Muslims in the Balkans helped illustrate the
a) difficulties of resolving ethnic and religious conflicts
b) inequalities created by expanding free markets and global trade
c) conflict created by the collapse of the Warsaw Pact
d) results of the failure of dictatorial governments

As a society becomes more urbanized and industrialized, it tends to
a) develop a more rigid class system
b) modify traditional beliefs and customs
c) resist cultural diffusion
d) depend more on the extended family structure

Since the late 1940s, Northern Ireland, India, and Israel have all faced which common problem?
a) the need to adjust to a post-communist political system
b) continued violent confrontations between different religious groups
c) economic depression that resulted from rapid industrialization
d) overpopulation of urban centers

Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, and Slobodan Milosevic were similar in that each leader supported actions that
a) modernized their economies
b) introduced democratic ideas
c) supported minority rights
d) violated human rights

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