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During the late 1900s, the Sahel region of Africa has been faced with problems resulting from
a) increasing desertification
b) the lack of rainfall from the monsoons
c) the effects of acid rain
d) water pollution

After World War II, India and many other developing nations sought to avoid being dominated by the superpowers by following a policy of
a) containment
b) nonalignment
c) militarism
d) isolationism

Which type of economic system was used by both Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong to accelerate the economic growth of their respective nations?
a) mixed
b) market
c) command
d) traditional

Since the late 1970s, which measure has the Chinese government taken to reduce the effects of overpopulation?
a) supported a policy of forced migration to other nations
b) reduced food production
c) emphasized the teaching of Confucius
d) imposed a one-child policy that limits family size

Since the 1970s, the wealth of many Middle Eastern nations was increased by the
a) formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)
b) expansion of Islamic fundamentalism
c) creation of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
d) development of communes in Israel

The Boxer Rebellion, the Salt March, and the Iranian Revolution were reactions against
a) Mongol rule
b) rapid industrialization
c) Western influence
d) economic depression

One way in which Chiang Kai-shek of China, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya were similar is that they all
a) supported close ties with their former colonial powers
b) opposed United Nations membership for their governments
c) led nationalistic movements in their nation
d) resisted attempts to modernize their nation's political and social institutions

One way in which the partition of India in 1947 and the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992 are similar is that after each event
a) stable democratic governments were established
b) problems arose between ethnic and religious groups
c) economic prosperity produced high standards of living
d) traditional beliefs were abandoned for Western ideas

Which development took place in China under Mao Zedong?
a) The family became the dominant force in society.
b) The Four Modernizations became the basis for economic reform
c) The people adopted the practice of ancestor worship
d) Communist teaching became required learning in all schools and universities

Which environmental issue most concerns Central Africa, the Amazon River Basin, and the Malay Peninsula?
a) nuclear contamination
b) desertification
c) overpopulation
d) deforestation

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