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In India, the population movement from rural to urban areas has resulted in
a) a revival of interest in traditional values
b) the weakening of the nuclear family
c) the end of hostilities between Hindus and Muslims
d) a decrease in rigid class distinctions

One reason the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) was fought was to protect
a) the agricultural interests of Southwest Asia
b) deposits of much of the world's oil supply
c) direct access to the Mediterranean Sea
d) British control of Saudi Arabia

Which issue continues to raise concern from the world community regarding the nations of India, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea?
a) overpopulation
b) ethnic cleansing
c) desertification
d) nuclear proliferation

What was one factor that contributed to the downfall of apartheid in the Republic of South Africa?
a) The African National Congress was outlawed
b) Afrikaners demanded that only they should have ruling power
c) Many foreign countries boycotted South African products
d) President de Klerk and Desmond Tutu were imprisoned

During the last two decades, a problem that slowed industrialization in many developing nations was the
a) limited supply of labor
b) shortage of money for capital investment
c) rapid decline in population growth
d) refusal of these nations to make trade agreements with other nations

The policy of Pol Pot that is shown in Killing Fields called
a) appeasement
b) peaceful coexistence
c) genocide
d) nonalignment

Many believe that Deng Xiaoping will be remembered most for the
a) destruction of Western art
b) bloodshed in Tiananmen Square
c) preservation of Chinese historical sites
d) adoption of a capitalist economy

During the 20th century, one effect of industrialization on the culture of India was the
a) increased movement of people from rural to urban areas
b) reduction of social class mobility
c) strengthening of cottage industries
d) decline in the economic and political power of women

A factor that contributed to the success of both Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and Mao Zedong in China was their ability to combine
a) imperialism and traditionalism
b) nationalism and communism
c) ethnocentrism and democracy
d) isolationism and capitalism

The Green Revolution of the 1960s resulted in
a) the destruction of large industrial enterprises
b) an increase of food output in many developing nations
c) a decrease in world agricultural output
d) improvements in human genetic engineering

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