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Since the end of World War II, the nations of Western Europe have improved their economic position by
a) increasing communication and cooperation in the region
b) colonizing African and Asian nations
c) isolating themselves from the rest of the world
d) rejecting membership in the United Nations

Which statement about the problems of Indian independence is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Stonger government leadership would have prevented bloodshed
b) Control of India by Great Britain brought more benefits than difficulties
c) Muslim leaders wanted their own separate Muslim state
d) India would have been more prosperous if it had remained a colony

The principal aim of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the European Union is to
a) keep communism out of the Western Hemisphere
b) reduce environmental pollution
c) increase economic cooperation between the member nations
d) eliminate global terrorism

The Holocaust is an example of
a) conflict between political parties
b) violations of human rights
c) limited technological development
d) geography's influence on culture

Winston Churchill's iron curtain speech refers to the
a) beginning of the Cold War
b) unification of Germany
c) end of World War I
d) Russian Revolution

The Berlin Blockade in 1948, the Hungarian Revolt of 1956, and the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 all demonstrated that the Soviet Union
a) wanted to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
b) used economic sanctions to achieve its foreign policy goals
c) was willing to use military force in situations that challenged its power
d) hoped to advance its economy through cultural exchange

Which situation contributed to the success of Mohandas Gandhi's campaign of civil disobedience in India?
a) Pakistan and Bangladesh were involved in civil wars
b) The United States came to Gandhi's aid with food and clothing
c) Sikhs and Muslims wanted to create a new nation
d) Great Britain was weakened by World War II

An example of economic interdependence is
a) South Africans mining their gold and diamond resources
b) the government of France issuing new currency
c) Japan selling technological goods to buy Middle Eastern oil
d) an Indian subsistence farmer waiting for the rains to water his crops

The primary reason for Japan's territorial growth during this period was that Japan wanted to
a) convert new areas to Shinto
b) spread communism as quickly as possible
c) obtain raw materials and food for its people
d) establish new homes for its surplus population

A long-term effect of the Balfour Declaration on the Middle East was the
a) oppression of the Kurds by the government of Iraq
b) conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis
c) strengthening of parliamentary rule in Turkey
d) establishment of a two party system in Lebanon

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