Misconseptions Question Preview (ID: 671)

This My Game Which Does The Misconseptions And Game Independent Study For Science. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

what does u.f.o stand for
a) united food odours
b) united cheese eaters
c) manchester united football
d) unidentified flying objects

what are the names of the inner planets
a) mars,juipiter,uranus,neptune
b) neptune,andromada,uranus and venus
c) uranus,uranus,neptune and uranus
d) earth,mars,venus,mercury

which planet did galileo discover
a) uranus
b) gravity
c) juipiter
d) mars

which planet is called the morning star
a) venus
b) neptune
c) mercury
d) earth

does anti matter exsit
a) no
b) we dont know
c) maybe
d) yes

is there lfe on other planets
a) yes
b) we don't know
c) maybe
d) no

was there life before humans
a) yes
b) we dont know
c) maybe
d) no

will the universe end
a) we don't know
b) yes
c) maybe
d) no

when will the sun die out
a) 4 billion years
b) 10 million years
c) tommorow
d) 50 billion years

what will be the best way to travel across spance in the future
a) solar sails
b) flying saucer
c) antimatter space ships
d) ion engines

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