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If the corresponding angles of two polygons are congruent and the lengths of the corresponding sides are proportional, the polygons are -
a) Regular
b) Symmetric
c) Congruent
d) Similar

In geometry, “regular” means -
a) Same Shape
b) Same size and shape
c) Same size
d) All sides equal

A polygon is –
a) A shape with 4 sides
b) A shape with no sides
c) A shape with curved sides
d) A shape with straight sides

Patrick drew a map of his neighborhood. He used a scale in which 1 inch equals 3 miles. What distance on Patrick’s map should represent the 1.5 miles between his house and the near
a) 0.1 in
b) 3 in
c) 1.7 in
d) 0.5 in

An athlete on the school football team can run 20 yards in 3.8 seconds. During the last football game, the athlete ran 64 yards for a touchdown. If the athlete’s rate of speed rema
a) 3 sec
b) 19.2 sec
c) 9.3 sec
d) 12.16 sec

Lindy is planning to build a model of a train using a scale where 2 inches represents 50 feet. If the train is 95 feet long, what is the length in inches that Lindy should build th
a) 2.4 in
b) 1.6 in
c) 3.8 in
d) 10.6 in

For every 240 pounds of waste that is generated in the United States, 100 pounds are recycled into new products. Which of the following is the ratio of the pounds of recycled mate
a) 8/5
b) 5/8
c) 5/12
d) 12/5

Jim is driving from Houston, Texas to Des Moines, Iowa. The distance between the two cities is 1000 miles. He makes the trip in 16 hours. Which of the following statements is tr
a) Jim’s average speed for the trip was greater than 65 miles per hour.
b) Jim’s average speed for the trip was between 60 and 62 miles per hour.
c) Jim’s average speed for the trip was between 62 and 63 miles per hour.
d) Jim’s average speed for the trip was less than 60 miles per hour.

In 30 minutes, Jeremy was able to drive 22.5 miles. At this rate, how far could he drive in 1.5 hours?
a) 450 miles
b) 67.5 miles
c) 72 miles
d) 20 miles

1) A recipe for making 12 cupcakes calls for 2 cups of flour. How much flour would be needed to make 18 cupcakes?
a) 3 cups of flour
b) 3.5 cups of flour
c) 2 cups of flour
d) 4 cups of flour

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