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The most common state of matter is
a) Water
b) Stone
c) Solid
d) Plasma

An example of a change of shape is
a) evaporating
b) rusting
c) burning
d) dissolving

The density of a material is
a) How much the material weighs
b) The mass of a unit volume of the material
c) How much space the material takes up
d) Whether or not the material floats in a liquid

An object s odor is a
a) physical property
b) chemical property
c) physical change
d) chemical change

The process of a liquid changing into a gas is called
a) sublimation
b) condensation
c) vaporization
d) melting

Which of these is not a physical property of matter?
a) density
b) mass
c) burning
d) dissolving

Which of the following shows a behavioral property?
a) peeling a banana
b) iron attracted to a lodestone
c) Snow melting in the Sun
d) Hammer hitting a nail

The _________________ is an example of a chemical change.
a) melting of chocolate
b) freezing of water
c) salting of food
d) burning of paper

The precipitate of a solid can indicate a
a) physical property
b) chemical change
c) chemical property
d) physical change

Which of these indicates that a chemical change has taken place?
a) change from liquid to gas
b) change in shape
c) dissolving
d) release of heat energy

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