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Lateral Surface area is
a) the area of the bases of a 3-D shape
b) the area of the faces excluding the bases of a 3-D shape
c) the area of all faces of a 2-D shape
d) the area of all faces of a 3-D shape

Area is calculated on
a) 3-D shapes
b) any shape you want
c) 1-D shapes
d) 2-D shapes

Volume is calculated as units cubed because
a) it uses 3 dimensions for its calculation
b) no correct answer choice
c) it is only calculated for cubes
d) it uses 2 dimensions in its calculation

The area of a triangle is calculated using the following:
a) base times height multiplied by 2
b) base times height
c) base times height times 2
d) base times height multiplied by 1/2

the volume of a cylinder is found by
a) pi times radius times radius
b) Bh/2
c) LWH
d) Bh

Total surface area is
a) Ph + 2B
b) Ph X 2B
c) LWH
d) the area of the bases minus the side areas

Area is measured as
a) units cubed
b) feet
c) units squared
d) units

The area of a circle with a diameter of 6 is
a) 28.26 units
b) 282.6 units squared
c) 28.26 square units
d) 2.826 units squared

The Volume of a rectangular prism with 5, 7 and 9 as the dimensions is
a) 31.5 cubic units
b) 315 units squared
c) 315 units
d) 315 units cubed

The volume of a triangular prism with a height of 3 and a triangular base of 5 and a height of 2
a) 15 square units
b) 15 cubic units
c) 30 units cubed
d) 60 units cubed

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