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Which layer of the earth is the densest?
a) inner core
b) outer core
c) stiffer mantle
d) plastic mantle

What is the approximate temperature in the outer core?
a) 6000 C
b) 8000 C
c) 4000 C
d) 2000 C

If the difference between P and S wave is 6 minutes and 40 seconds. How far away is the epicenter?
a) 5000 km
b) 6000 km
c) 4000 km
d) 3000 km

If the distance from the epicenter is 6000 km, how long did it take the p-wave to travel?
a) 17 minutes
b) 15 minutes
c) 13 minutes
d) 11 minutes

What is the most common element by volume in the earth's crust?
a) oxygen
b) silicon
c) iron
d) sodium

Find the dew point if the dry bulb is 10 C and the wet bulb is 6 C
a) 1
b) -5
c) -4
d) 0

Convert 140 F to C
a) 60 C
b) 55 C
c) 45 C
d) 323 C

What is the temperature of the mesopause?
a) -90 C
b) -55 C
c) 0 C
d) 15 C

Which waves are the longest?
a) radio
b) infrared
c) x rays
d) gamma

During which period were there abundant reptiles?
a) Permian
b) Devonian
c) Jurassic
d) Triassic

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