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What tectonic plate is New York part of?
a) North American
b) Eurasian
c) African
d) Pacific

If stream velocity decreases from 200 cm/s to 100 cm/s, which sediment type would fall out first?
a) Boulder
b) Sand
c) Silt
d) Clay

Compact and cementation forms what type of rock
a) sedimentary
b) metamorphic
c) igneous
d) none of the choices

Which of the following minerals are NOT found in granite?
a) Olivine
b) Quartz
c) Biotite
d) Amphibole

Mafic igneous rocks usually have
a) a high density
b) a low density
c) a light color
d) minerals rich in Si

What process must a rock undergo to become a metamorphic rock?
a) heat and pressure
b) compaction and cementation
c) weathering and erosion
d) deposition and burial

What are the two major divisions of sedimentary rocks?
a) inorganic land derived and chemically formed
b) foliated and non-foliated
c) mafic and felsic
d) none of the choices

What is the composition of rock salt?
a) halite
b) gypsum
c) dolomite
d) carbon

Which is the parent rock of slate?
a) shale
b) coal
c) sandstone
d) limestone

Which era did Pangaea break up?
a) Mesozoic
b) Cenozoic
c) Paleozoic
d) Proterozoic

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