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Which material has a half life of 4,500,000,000 years?
a) U-238
b) C-14
c) RB-87
d) K-40

Rb-87 decays into which element?
a) Sr-87
b) N-14
c) Pb-206
d) Ar-40

During which phase change is the most energy gained?
a) vaporization
b) condensation
c) melting
d) freezing

Which material would heat and cool the fastest?
a) Lead
b) Liquid water
c) Copper
d) Water vapor

What is the eccentricity if the distance between foci is 8.9 cm and the major axis is 19.2 cm?
a) 0.463
b) 0.695
c) 2.157
d) 0.536

On a topographic map; point A is 500 meters in elevation, point B is 1200 meters in elevation. The points are 15 km away. Calculate the gradient.
a) 46.6 m/km
b) 46.6 km/m
c) 80.0 m/km
d) 80.0 km/m

Within which landscape is Elmira NY located?
a) Allegheny Plateau
b) Catskills
c) Atlantic Coastal Plain
d) Newark Lowlands

Where are the youngest rocks found in New York?
a) Atlantic Coastal Plain
b) Newark Lowlands
c) Allegheny Plateau
d) Catskills

Which city is located near 44 N, 76 W?
a) Watertown
b) Syracuse
c) Binghamton
d) Buffalo

Which direction does the Gulf Stream current flow?
a) NE
b) NW
c) SW
d) SE

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