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What mineral property measures the resistance of a mineral to being scratched?
a) Luster
b) Hardness
c) Streak
d) Double Refraction

Which mineral exhibits double refraction and reacts with HCl?
a) Halite
b) Gold
c) Sulfur
d) Calcite

When a mineral breaks along a flat or even surface it displays...
a) Fracture
b) Cleavage
c) Luster
d) Hardness

What mineral is a 1 on the Mohs scale?
a) Diamond
b) Calcite
c) Talc
d) Quartz

What is the mineral name for table salt, NaCl?
a) Muscovite Mica
b) Hematite
c) Calcite
d) Halite

Which best describes all the characteristics of a mineral?
a) Naturally occurring, solid substance, orderly crystal structure, definite chemical composition, generally considered inorgani
b) Naturally occurring, solid substance, orderly structure, definite chemical composition, organic
c) liquid, synthetic, does not have a definite chemical composition
d) crystal structure, non solid substance

Quartz (SiO2).... (imagine the 2 is subscripted!) belongs to which mineral group?
a) Carbonates
b) Oxides
c) Sulfates
d) Silicates

Whether a mineral exhibits fracture and cleavage depends upon its.....
a) internal atomic arrangement
b) how hard it is
c) How hard you strike it against the pavement
d) your viewing angle

Streak is...
a) How light is reflected from the surface of a mineral
b) The resistance of a mineral to being scratched
c) The color of a mineral in its powder form
d) Displayed when a mineral does not show cleavage

What is found in the nucleus of an atom?
a) electrons, protons, and neutrons
b) protons and electrons
c) electrons and neutrons
d) protons and neutrons

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