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Cool air tends to
a) be less dense and flow over warm air.
b) be lifted up by more dense warm air.
c) be more dense and flow under warm air.
d) mix easily with warm air masses.

Wind speed is measured by a(n)
a) barometer.
b) anemometer.
c) thermometer.
d) hygrometer.

Earth’s rotation makes global winds curve. This is called the
a) convection effect.
b) global effect.
c) Coriolis effect.
d) rotational effect.

Clouds form when water vapor in the air
a) falls to the ground.
b) is deposited as ice onto a solid surface.
c) condenses onto a solid surface.
d) becomes liquid water or ice crystals.

Large clouds that often produce thunderstorms are called
a) stratus clouds.
b) cumulonimbus clouds.
c) cirrus clouds.
d) nimbostratus clouds.

Very high feathery clouds are called
a) stratus clouds.
b) cumulonimbus clouds.
c) cirrus clouds.
d) nimbostratus clouds.

Layered clouds that often cover much of the sky and are a dull gray color are called
a) cumulonimbus clouds.
b) stratus clouds.
c) cumulus clouds.
d) cirrus clouds.

Any form of water that falls from clouds is called
a) dew.
b) evaporation.
c) condensation.
d) precipitation.

On average, a snowfall of 20 centimeters would equal a rainfall of
a) 1 centimeter.
b) 2 centimeters.
c) 3 centimeters.
d) 4 centimeters.

To modify precipitation, clouds are sometime seeded with
a) salt and silver iodide.
b) dry ice and salt.
c) dry ice and silver iodide.
d) salt and fine sand.

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