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Sarah was making deviled eggs for the family picnic. She brought 3 dozen eggs at the store. How many eggs did she purchase?
a) 36
b) 15
c) 12
d) 30

Juan worked for 5 days on his social studies project. He spent 23 minutes each day on the project. How much time did he work on his project?
a) 28
b) 85
c) 115
d) 5

Mrs. Berkovich has 21 students in each of her 6 math classes. What is the total number of math students that Mrs. Berkovich has in her classes?
a) 27
b) 126
c) 116
d) 4

Rodrigo is just beginning to lift weights. He does 4 sets of leg lifts. During each set of leg lifts he lifts the weights 12 times. How many leg lifts does Rodrigo do?
a) 48
b) 3
c) 16
d) 56

Maya has 3 packages of crackers. Each package contains 15 crackers. How many crackers does Maya have in all?
a) 44
b) 18
c) 5
d) 45

The school ordered 23 boxes of dry erase markers. Each box contains 1 dozen markers. How many markers has the school ordered?
a) 23
b) 230
c) 276
d) 236

Ryan is going on a 2 day kayaking trip with friends. The group will travel 25 miles every day. How many miles will Ryan have traveled in the kayak by the end of the trip?
a) 50
b) 227
c) 27
d) 28

Kathy’s four boys are building a fort. Each boy will carry 14 boards into the backyard. How many boards will they have to build their fort?
a) 65
b) 25
c) 56
d) 8

Michael really wants to improve his math grade. He is determined to practice his multiplication and division facts for 15 minutes everyday for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks, how m
a) 210
b) 150
c) 60
d) 105

I spendt 4 hours a day working at my job, if I continue to do this for 4 weeks, how long will I have spendt working at home on my job.
a) 28
b) 112
c) 20
d) 80

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