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The most obvious difference between the terrestrial and the Jovian planets is ____
a) size
b) color
c) length of day
d) orbital velocity

Streams of electrons and protons that shoot out from the sun’s corona make up the solar ____.
a) wind
b) rays
c) granules
d) atmosphere

The product of nuclear fusion is ____.
a) helium
b) hydrogen
c) oxygen
d) nitrogen

What must happen for a solar eclipse to occur?
a) The moon’s orbit must cross the plane of the ecliptic between the sun and earth.
b) The moon must be full.
c) The moon must pass behind Earth.
d) The moon’s orbit must not cross Earth’s penumbra.

Which of the following is NOT considered part of the solar system?
a) galaxies
b) sun
c) terrestrial planets
d) Jovian planets

What occurs when the moon casts its shadow on Earth?
a) solar eclipse
b) new moon
c) lunar eclipse
d) full moon

The geocentric model of the universe stated that ____.
a) Earth was the center of the universe
b) Earth revolved around the celestial sphere
c) the sun was the center of the universe
d) Earth was a “wanderer”

The source of the sun’s energy is ____.
a) nuclear fusion
b) nuclear fission
c) photosynthesis
d) chemical burning

The moon’s period of revolution is 27 days, and its period of rotation is ____ which is why we only see one side of the moon.
a) the same
b) shorter
c) none of these - the moon doesn't spin on an axis
d) longer

Which planet has a very thick atmosphere and thousands of volcanoes?
a) Venus
b) Neptune
c) Mercury
d) Jupiter

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