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The turning or spinning of a body on its axis is known as ____.
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) precession
d) apogee

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is believed to be a ____.
a) cyclonic storm
b) large desert
c) volcanic area
d) zone of high ammonia concentration

How long does it take the moon to go from full-moon phase to new-moon phase?
a) 2 weeks
b) 3 weeks
c) 4 weeks
d) one week

What effect do solar flares have on Earth?
a) auroras
b) magnetic pole reversal
c) tides
d) global warming

A star is said to be born when ____.
a) It reaches a temperature high enough for nuclear fusion to begin
b) pressure within a protostar becomes so great that a supernova occurs
c) a dark, cool interstellar cloud begins to contract
d) a red giant collapses on itself and becomes a black hole

The small particles that produce a streak of light upon entering Earth’s atmosphere are called ____.
a) meteors
b) comets
c) satellites
d) asteroids

A comet’s tail always points ____.
a) away fromthe sun
b) downward
c) sideways
d) toward the sun

Based on the observed red shifts in the spectral lines of distant galaxies, astronomers conclude that ____. (In other words, which is true about the universe?)
a) Universe is expanding
b) the universe is contracting
c) Earth is in the center of the universe
d) the universe is smaller than once believed

Which planet is brightest in the night sky?
a) Venus
b) Jupiter
c) Mars
d) Mercury

Our galaxy is called the ____.
a) Milky Way
b) Local Group
c) Andromeda
d) Orion

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