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UT 5th Grade Science Standard 4. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Ken wanted to make a light bulb glow. Which set of materials would he need?
a) rubber glove, paper, and a D-cell battery
b) D-cell battery, wire, and a light bulb
c) button, D-cell battery, and a rubber glove
d) D-cell battery, paper, and a light bulb

What will happen if you add more batteries to an electrical circuit containing light bulbs?
a) No change
b) The bulbs will dim
c) The bulbs will be brighter
d) The bulbs will last longer

Which material acts as a conductor of electricity?
a) popsicle stick
b) rubber glove
c) plastic button
d) paper clip

Which statement is the best conclusion to describe the types of materials that carry the flow of electricity?
a) Objects that have metal in them can usually conduct electricity
b) Objects must have lots of mass to be able to conduct electricity
c) Objects that have the ability to bend, like wire, only conduct electricity
d) Objects that can be magnetized are the only ones to conduct electricity

When preforming an experiment with electricity, which material would act as an insulator?
a) wire
b) staple
c) popsicle stick
d) paper clip

Two objects have collected static electricity with the same charge. What would the objects do when placed near each other?
a) repel
b) attract
c) nothing
d) stick together

Which type of electricity moves along a pathway to turn on a light?
a) static electricity
b) lightening energy
c) turbine electricity
d) current electricity

In electricity what is load?
a) an item that uses electricity to to do work
b) material that does not allow electricity to pass through
c) flow of electricity along a path
d) material that allows electricity to pass though easily

What is a complete circut?
a) something that pushes apart
b) a device that generates electricity by combing certain chemcials
c) a connected pathway through which electricity can flow; includes a power source, load, and pathway.
d) a course through which electricity can flow

Which form of static electric discharge appears in nature?
a) rain
b) ocean currents
c) lightning
d) volcanoes

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