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A process by which an animal’s body undergoes dramatic changes in form during its life cycle
a) regeneration
b) metamorphosis
c) gestation
d) classification

An organism’s ability to regrow a missing organ or body part
a) regeneration
b) metamorphosis
c) gestation
d) classification

The length of time between fertilization and birth of a mammal
a) regeneration
b) metamorphosis
c) gestation
d) classfication

The phylum whose members have a notochord, a nerve cord, and pouches in their throat area at some point in their lives.
a) porifera
b) arthropoda
c) mollusca
d) chordata

A flexible rod that supports a chordate’s back
a) vertebrate
b) notochord
c) nerve
d) mammary gland

An organism that feeds on dead or decaying material
a) decomposer
b) producer
c) scavenger
d) consumer

An organ that filters wastes from the blood
a) kidneys
b) gills
c) liver
d) spleen

An organ in female mammals that produces milk for the mammal’s young
a) gestation
b) liver
c) hormones
d) mammary glands

A tissue that is more flexible than bone
a) Kleenex
b) skin
c) cartilage
d) Kevlar

The bones that make up the backbone of an animal
a) cartilage
b) vertebrate
c) notochord
d) spleen

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