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Oven cleaner is considered a
a) strong acid
b) strong base
c) weak acid
d) weak base

Ingredients of these are not listed on a product label
a) fragrances
b) food
c) chemicals
d) dyes

A substance found in the environment that is normally lacking is a
a) waste product
b) pollutant
c) additive
d) dust

This is a mild alternative to bleach
a) Borax
b) Peroxide
c) Bluing
d) Hydrogen

Animal waste, plant tissue, gravel, grease and grit are all found in
a) silt
b) water
c) sewage
d) air

Bacteria that is naturally found in our intestines, also an indicator for aquatic pollution
a) e. coli
b) ebola
d) sewage

What decomposes organic matter in sewage?
a) fungi
b) algae
c) bacteria
d) animals

DDT was a pesticide that caused bird eggs to be weakened, this demonstrates what concept?
a) bioaccumulation
b) pollution
c) chemical breakdown
d) none of the above

What three elements is hard water composed of?
a) Gold, Silver, Platinum
b) Iron, Magnesium, Calcium
c) Iron, Maganese, Sulfur
d) Sulfur, Calcium, Iron

What are the four blood types?
a) A, B, AB and O
b) A, B, and O
c) X, XX and Y
d) none of the above

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