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All of the following can be used as evidence to support Darwin's theory of evolution except the
a) similarity of chemicals in all living things
b) distribution of species on Earth today
c) shapes and structures of living organisms
d) distribution of mountain ranges on Earth's surface

Which statement is best supported by the fossil records?
a) Many organisms that lived in the past are now extinct.
b) The struggle for existence between organisms results in changes in populations.
c) Species occupying the same habitat have identical environmental needs.
d) Structures like leg bones and wing bones can originate from the same type of tissue found in embryos

IF a scientist suggests that humans are related to rabbits because the human appendix resembles the rabbit's cecum, he is probably using evidence from
a) fossil remains
b) embryology
c) comparative anatomy
d) comparative biochemistry

Two species that have only a small number of amino acid differences in the same protein probably
a) are identical in their appearance
b) share the same parent organisms
c) are closely related in evolutionary terms
d) are distantly related in evolutionary terms

A scientists comparing organisms, in terms of biochemistry, might analyze
a) their DNA sequences
b) the stages of their embryos
c) the organs that have similar uses
d) the shapes of their fossilized footprints

The physical adaptations of an organism involve its
a) shape and behavior
b) shape and structure
c) structure and behavior
d) behavior and ecology

Of all the species that have ever existed on Earth, approximately what percentage are now extinct?
a) 5 percent
b) 20 percent
c) 50 percent
d) 99 percent

A species will become extinct when its individuals
a) adapt to new environmental conditions
b) can no longer adapt and reproduce
c) move to a new environment and adapt
d) have survived beyond a specific period of geologic time

The system of classification used today is based mainly on
a) what an organism typically eats
b) the relative size of an organism
c) where an organism lives on Earth
d) evolutionary relationships among organisms

Organisms that are alike and capable of producing fertile offspring with each other are placed in the same
a) genus
b) family
c) species
d) kingdom

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