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What is United Kingdom a grouping of?
a) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
b) England, Canada and Australia
c) England, Scotland, Wales and Canada
d) England, Scotland and Wales

What is the community of former British colonies called ?
a) the Commonwealth
b) the Common Health
c) the Common Market
d) the Commonplace

English government today is
a) a constitutional monarchy
b) a communist federation
c) a presidential democracy
d) an absolute monarchy

the British national anthem is
a) God save the Queen
b) Let\'s chase the Queen
c) in God we trust
d) we love the Queen

A “cuppa” is
a) a familiar name for a cup of tea
b) a famous british derby
c) something Jewish men put on their heads
d) a world cup of tennis

A double decker is

A double decker is
a) a red London bus
b) the London underground
c) a double pint of beer
d) a double hamburger sandwich

The British prime minister lives in
a) 10 Downing Street
b) Buckingham palace
c) the Capitol
d) 200 Pennsylvania Avenue

What is the British Parliament composed of ?
a) the House of Lords and House of Commons
b) the House of Commons and Big Ben
c) The House of Lords and Westminster Abbay
d) the House of Lords and the Pentagon

In London, you can
a) take the tube
b) break the tube
c) sell the tube
d) buy the tube

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