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Who was Martin Luther King?
a) The Black leader of the Civil Rights movement
b) The first black slave to be emancipated
c) a black singer who won the Emmy Awards
d) The first black American president

The largest religions group today in the United States is
a) Protestants
b) Catholics
c) Buddhists
d) Jews

Ernest hemingway was
a) an American writer
b) the singer of the Rolling stones
c) the 1st American President
d) a hyper realistic painter

Sacco and Vanzetti were
a) Italian-American anarchists
b) American comic actors
c) a brand of American cars
d) a famous drink in the 1960s

Mick jagger has recently
a) become a British Lord
b) received the Nobel Music prize
c) married Princess Ann
d) been sent to jail

the US has a common border with
a) Canada and Mexico
b) Canada and Paraguay
c) Mexico and Groenland
d) Finland and Mexico

the capital of California is
a) Sacramento
b) El Paso
c) Los Angeles
d) San Francisco

in Washington DC , DC means
a) District of Columbia
b) Deus Corpus
c) Department of Congress
d) Direct Capital

the WASPs are
a) White Anglo Saxon Protestants
b) White American Socialist People
c) Western Anglo Saxon Partisans
d) Western Agency of Saxophone Players

“Native-Americans” is the other name of
a) American Indians
b) White people in America
c) People born in America
d) Irish immigrants

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