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What role did gravity play in the formation of the sun?
a) Gravity caused the protoplanetary disk to become a planetesimal, which became the sun.
b) Gravity caused small particles to collide to form larger particles called planetesimals, which ev
c) Gravity caused the solar nebula to collapse toward the center, causing the center to be dense and
d) Gravity caused the protoplanetary disk to rotate and form a solar nebula, which became the sun.

The pie graph to the right shows the elements that make up the Sun, by percentages of mass. Which element makes up most of the Sun’s mass?
a) carbon
b) oxygen
c) hydrogen
d) helium

The phases of the moon are the regular changes in how the moon looks from Earth. In which phase is the moon not visible from Earth?
a) new moon
b) waning crescent
c) waxing crescent
d) waxing gibbous

Many historical models of the Solar System were geocentric. Which of these phrases describes a geocentric solar system?
a) the sun as a reference point
b) circular, orbital path of travel
c) Earth as a reference point
d) existing in a star system

The terrestrial planets include Mars, Venus, Earth, and which other planet?
a) Mercury
b) Uranus
c) Saturn
d) Jupiter

The length of a year is different for each planet in the solar system. How many days are in an Earth year?
a) 235
b) 365 1/4
c) 335
d) 265

Which of these terms describes a force of attraction between two objects that results from their masses?
a) aphelion
b) planetisemal
c) orbit
d) gravity

Because of both gravity and centripetal force, planets move in a particular manner around the sun. Which term describes the shape of the orbit of a planet?
a) circle
b) sphere
c) perihelion
d) ellipse

The moon revolves around Earth. The moon travels at a speed of about 1 km/s. Which of the following keeps the moon in orbit around Earth?
a) gravity
b) sun's heat and light
c) ocean tides
d) magnetism

The sun is much larger than the moon. However, as viewed from Earth, the sun and moon appear to be the same size. Why do the sun and moon appear to be the same size when viewed
a) The moon is much hotter than the sun.
b) The moon is much closer to Earth than the sun.
c) The moon is much brighter than the sun.
d) The moon is much denser than the sun.

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