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The Civil War ended
a) at Appomattox Courthouse
b) All of the above
c) and the North won.
d) when Robert E. Lee surrendered.

John Wilkes Booth...
a) was Lincoln\'s vice president.
b) was a member of the 54th Massachusetts.
c) was Lincoln\'s assassin
d) was Jefferson Davis\' vice president

The Civil War resulted in…
a) the abolition of slavery.
b) all of the above.
c) record spending and debt.
d) the expansion of the federal government.

Who were copperheads?
a) People in the North who supported making peace with the South.
b) People involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Jefferson Davis.
c) People involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln.
d) People in the South who supported making peace with the North.

Why didn't the South's strategy succeed?
a) Europe had a surplus of cotton
b) all the above.
c) Gettysburg turned the tide o the war in favor of the North.
d) The North's blockade prevented trade.

Who won the Civil War?
a) The North
b) The South
c) Canada
d) Mexico

What's black and white and red all over?
a) a dead zebra
b) a newspaper
c) a panda with a nosebleed
d) all the above

Which bear had no hair?
a) Fozzy
b) Fuzzy Wuzzy
c) Yogi
d) Smokey

What is a platypus?
a) An australian animal
b) a weird hybrid of mammalian and amphibious traits
c) possibly the coolest animal on the planet
d) all the above

The Answer is A.
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

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