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What feature will Sage use to add page numbers to his report?
a) Borders
b) Headers
c) Margins
d) Page break

If Sandy wants to print a table that has 4 columns and 27 rows, which orientation should she select?
a) Columns
b) Landscape
c) Page
d) Portrait

Which is an appropriate font format to emphasize the pronunciation of the "e" n the word cafe'?
a) Accent
b) Bold
c) Italics
d) Underline

Sophie wants to thank her customers for using her company's products. What form of communication should she use?
a) Agenda
b) Business letter
c) Memo
d) Research report

When Scott prepares a document to communicate the directions to the Banker's Association meeting, which is an example of an appropriate subject line?
a) Directions to the Banker's Association
b) Driving directions
c) Format for Banker's Association
d) How to get there

Scott wants to introduce himself to the members of the Lyon's Club and inquire about entrance fees. Which form of communication should he use?
a) Agenda
b) Business letter
c) Memo
d) Personal business letter

Spence plans to create a list of the topics that will be addressed during the conference call. Which document should he use?
a) Agenda
b) Business letter
c) Minutes
d) Report

Spence wants to inform employees about the company's hiring policy. Which form of written communication should he use?
a) Agenda
b) Memo
c) Research report
d) Resume

Sheila uses her unique key combination, ALT + H, to create the headings for all of the memos she keys. This is an example of a
a) Macro
b) Mail merge
c) Style
d) Wizard

Which document is used by the president of Ellen's Catering to prepare a list of the topics that will be discussed at the next staff meeting?
a) Agenda
b) Memo
c) Personal business letter
d) Research report

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