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Which icon indicates that a website is secure?
a) Safe
b) Lock
c) Key
d) Credit card

If contacted by an online bully, a user should
a) ignore the messages
b) post a mean email about the bully
c) respond and yell back
d) try to talk to the bully in a friendly manner

Documents that are sent with an email are called
a) attachments
b) headers
c) messages
d) subjects

Software that attaches to programs installed on a user's computer is known as
a) a virus
b) explicit material
c) spam
d) spyware

Unsolicited email advertisements and messages are known as
a) explicit materials
b) spam
c) spyware
d) viruses

Keying in all caps in an instant message while online is
a) bullying
b) spamming
c) spying
d) yelling

Which information should be protected when online?
a) Eye color
b) Favorite subject
c) Photographs
d) Shoe size

What part of an email quickly informs the reader exactly what the message is about?
a) Address
b) Attachment
c) Body
d) Subject

Keeping a daily journal of thoughts, views, and events is
a) blogging
b) chatting
c) emailing
d) podcasting

Which section of an email is used to send a copy of an email to another person without the knowledge of other recipients?
a) BC
b) CC
c) From
d) To

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