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Why didn't Aaron Burr become the 3rd president?
a) Alexander Hamilton helped sway members of the House of Reps. to break a the tie after 35 votes v
b) He was arrested for dueling with Alexander Hamilton
c) He graciously bowed out of the race, fearing the tie would never be broken.
d) He was ugly.

The Louisiana Territory was purchased by _______________, from _________________.
a) Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson
b) Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte
c) the U.S., France
d) Both B and C

Which Native American helped explore the Louisiana Territory and has their image on U.S. currency?
a) Pocahontas
b) Osceola
c) Sacajawea
d) Tecumseh

Who was commissioned by the President to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Territory?
a) Ben and Jerry
b) Lewis and Clark
c) mountain men
d) Zebulon Pike

Whose brother thought that his people could triumph over white soldiers because the Creator would make bullets bounce off their bodies?
a) Pocahontas
b) Osceola
c) Sacajawea
d) Tecumseh

The basis for the ___________________ was written during the War of 1812, by Francis Scott Key.
a) This Land is your Land
b) The Pledge of Allegiance
c) The Star Spangled Banner
d) When the Saints Come Marching

The War of 1812 is sometimes called the second war for independence because...
a) it was Texas was breaking away from Mexico to join the U.S.
b) it was fought between the U.S. and England.
c) the Confederate States of America seceded to create their own country.
d) France was trying to occupy the United States

Impressment is
a) a common torture device used on prisoners of war
b) a type of blockade
c) what caused the War of 1812 to end.
d) seizing of sailors by another country.

Henry Clay's __________________ was a three part plan to make the United States economically self-sufficient.
a) American System
b) Industrial Revolution
c) Monroe Doctrine
d) 13th Amendment

he _____________________ said that the Americas were closed to further colonization
a) American System
b) Industrial Revolution
c) Monroe Doctrine
d) 13th Amendment

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