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words are spoken by a character in a play to the audience but are not supposed to be heard by other characters
a) aside
b) monologue
c) soliloquy

the humorous play on the multiple meanings of words or words that sound alike but have different meanings
a) Pun
b) Simile
c) Theme

A speech in a play by a character alone on the stage.
a) Soliloquy
b) Monologue
c) Aside

a type of drama in which a tragic hero suffers a lose usually due to a tragic (or fatal) flaw; it ends unhappily
a) tragedy
b) comedy
c) drama

where a character says one thing but really means something different
a) Verbal Irony
b) Tone
c) Theme

A comparison between essentially unlike things without an explicitly comparative word such as like or as.
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) foil

hint to what is to come in the action of the play or story.
a) Foreshadowing
b) Foil
c) Allusion

The running over of a sentence or thought into the next without a pause at the end of the line; a run-on line.
a) Enjambment
b) Rhyme
c) Couplet

A pair of rhymed lines that may or may not constitute a separate stanza in a poem.
a) Couplet
b) Blank Verse
c) Caesura

character who is used to contrast another character in the play or story.
a) foil
b) allusion
c) pun

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