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The amount of salary or wages earned for a certain period of time before deductions are withheld is:
a) Adjusted gross pay.
b) Approved withholdings.
c) gross pay
d) net pay

A career portfolio is helpful in a job interview because it:
a) Helps showcase the applicants’ skills, interests and abilities.
b) Provides a storage place for materials that the employer will supply.
c) Serves as a storage location for important tax documents.
d) Enables you to brag about your accomplishments and awards.

When deciding what to wear to an interview, wear clothes that would be:
a) One step below what would be appropriate to wear on the job.
b) One step above what would be appropriate to wear on the job.
c) Appropriate for a date.
d) Appropriate for a formal party

Most fired workers lose their jobs because of
a) Weak academic skills.
b) Weak occupational skills
c) Poor human relations.
d) Family responsibilities

Which response would indicate that the job applicant being interviewed possesses technology, resource, information skills?
a) “I researched using periodical, book, electronic and human resources.”
b) “I looked up phone numbers when asked by my present employer.”
c) “If my computer is down, I call Tech Support.”
d) “If I have questions, I should go directly to my supervisor.”

Which response would indicate that the job applicant being interviewed possesses critical thinking skills?
a) “I make three types of sandwiches and beverages.”
b) “I determine whether to order supplies based on an inventory sheet.”
c) “I develop new products and processes based on analysis of data.”
d) “I stack shelves and keep items organized.”

Which of the following is NOT evidence of dependability?
a) A work log showing “on time” attendance.
b) A certificate of completion for an on-line course.
c) A high school transcript with excessive unexcused absences.
d) A letter of recommendation from a teacher/coach.

Which of the following is a common reason people get fired?
a) Failure to follow rules
b) Failure to take leave time.
c) Being industrious
d) Being punctual.

During a job interview, questions will be asked to:
a) Find out about the applicant’s personal business.
b) Make the applicant nervous
c) Find out exactly how old the applicant is.
d) Find out if the applicant is the best person for the job.

The main reason for a cover letter is to:
a) Get a good salary.
b) Give the employer the applicants work history.
c) Make the employer want to read the applicants resume.
d) Give the employer three references

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