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The process of digestion begins in your ______.
a) Esophagus
b) Stomach
c) Small intestine
d) Mouth

The major job of the ____ is to absorb water from undigested food.
a) Gall bladder
b) Small intestines
c) Pancreas
d) Large intestine

The tube between the mouth and the stomach is the
a) Esophagus
b) Large intestine
c) Small intestine
d) Trachea

The major organ of the excretory system is____.
a) Heart
b) Kidneys
c) Pancreas
d) Ureter

The ____ fight bacteria and viruses.
a) Platelets
b) White blood cells
c) Red blood cells
d) Hemoglobin molecules

Blood that is carrying oxygen is said to be
a) Transfused
b) Oxygen-poor
c) Cross matched
d) Oxygen-rich

The right ventricle pumps blood to the
a) Capillaries
b) Veins
c) Arteries
d) Lungs

How do pairs of skeletal muscles work together?
a) Both muscles contract at the same time
b) One muscle in the pair pulls on a bone, while the second muscle pulls on the first muscle
c) While one muscle in the pair contracts, the other returns to its original length.
d) Both muscles extend at the same time

The pigment melanin in the skin functions to
a) keep water within the skin
b) surround and protect hair follicles
c) help protect the skin from sunburn.
d) produce new living cells in the epidermis.

What is the function of the adrenal glands?
a) Controls the release of energy from food molecules during respiration
b) Control the changes in a teenage boy\'s body
c) Trigger the body to respond to emergencies
d) Produces insulin and glucagon

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