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Which is NOT a major factor to consider in setting career goals?
a) Values.
b) aptitude ability
c) family income
d) interests

Which is a long-term stepping-stone goal?
a) Complete high school.
b) Work as a CEO for a manufacturing business.
c) Obtain a bachelor’s degree
d) Obtain an associate’s degree

“I want to be a lawyer” is a goal in which domain?
a) Career
b) personal
c) lifestyle
d) educational

When a student says, “I plan to make an A on Friday’s math test,” this is an example of a:
a) Human resource.
b) long term goal
c) standard
d) short term goal

Stating a goal in concrete terms is making sure that it is:
a) Specific.
b) mearsurable
c) realistic
d) understandable

Wanting to live near the ocean someday is an example of which type of goal?
a) Family
b) career
c) educational
d) lifestyle

Which is NOT a major factor is setting career goals?
a) Values.
b) interests
c) friends
d) aptitude

The final result that needs to be arrived at in the process of career planning is called the:
a) Short-term goal.
b) medium term goal
c) long term goal
d) ultimate goal

Which is a medium-term stepping-stone goal?
a) Complete junior high school.
b) Complete high school
c) Obtain an associate’s degree.
d) Work as a store manager.

Which is usually the immediate goal?
a) Ultimate goal
b) Medium-term goal
c) Long-term goal
d) Short-term goal

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