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UT 5th Grade Science Standard 3. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What must happen for an electromagnet to have a magnetic field?
a) It must be heated
b) It has to be touching another magnet
c) It must be lined up wit Earth's magnetic field
d) It must be connected to an electrical source

Sam was shown four objects, one of which did not contain a magnet. Which should be selected as the one that does NOT contain a magnet?
a) Wind-up clock
b) Television
c) Electric can opener
d) Cassette recorder

What substance is attracted to a magnet?
a) silver
b) lead
c) water
d) iron

What happens when two north poles of magnets are placed together?
a) they repel
b) they attract
c) they cancel eachother out
d) the strength of the magnet is doubled

What is our best evidence that Earth has a magnetic field?
a) all things fall toward Earth's center
b) a compass needle lines up with it
c) wind blows from east to west
d) Earth's oceans all have currents

Which of the following would be the best way to observe and compare the magnetic fields of various magnets?
a) conduct an experiment using different types of magnets and iron fillings
b) ask a high school science teacher about he history of natural magnets
c) search for an Internet web site to find experiments on electricity and magnets
d) use a reference book and read a section about electromagnetism and magnets

Earth's magnetic field and bar magnets both attract particles to the same location. Where are they?
a) the middle
b) all around the outside
c) the North and South poles
d) first to the middle, then to the ends

A circuit, coiled wire around an iron rod, and a switch are components of which of the following?
a) an electromagnet
b) a permanent magnet
c) a natural magnet
d) a magnetized paper clip

What characteristics do magnetic substances have? They
a) can push or pull objects they are not touching
b) are always black and cold to touch
c) fall faster than other objects when you drop them
d) can give a

The fact that a compass needle is designed to always point north tells us what?
a) the solar rays affect magnetism
b) most compasses needed to be set
c) Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field
d) there's too much static in the air

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