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What was the Tenure of Office Act?
a) It was to prohibit the president from removing government officials without Senate approval.
b) it was to stop the President from creating his own Cabinet members.
c) It created term limits for the President.
d) It made it forbidden for a President to discuss foreign relations with the press.

What was the time period right after the Civil War called?
a) Restoration
b) Recharging
c) Reconstruction
d) Rebuilding

Why did the South have more problems after the war?
a) It did not have any leaders to take charge.
b) It had a hard time recovering lost items from the war.
c) It had a difficult time with because of the over population of white males.
d) Most of the war took place in the South and had destroyed much of the land.

What was a poll tax?
a) a pardon
b) a fee charged by many Southern states at the polls
c) a set of charges for wrongdoing
d) a person who had gained their freedom

The 14th Amendment guarantees to all Americans, regardless of race
a) separate but equal public facilities.
b) the right to vote.
c) equal protection of the laws.
d) 40 acres and a mule.

To many freed men and women, what reestablished slavery in disguise?
a) slave codes
b) poll taxes
c) literacy tests
d) black codes

To all white Southerners, except Confederate leaders, Lincoln offered
a) amnesty.
b) reconstruction.
c) freedom.
d) the Ten Percent Plan.

The most common form of farm work for freed individuals was
a) pig farming.
b) corn farming.
c) sharecropping.
d) cotton growing.

When President Andrew Johnson vilated the Tenure of Office Act, the House of Representatives voted to
a) applaud him.
b) abstain.
c) override.
d) impeach.

What type of society did Southern states form by passing the Jim Crow laws?
a) an integrated society
b) a healthy society
c) a segregated society
d) an economic society

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