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Software applications programmed to act as intelligent agents that go out on the network to find or do things for you are called
a) librarians
b) bots
c) spies
d) scripts

Which of these Internet connections has the most bandwidth?
a) cable modem
c) Dial Up
d) PRI

A live broadcast over the internet is a ...
a) cablecast
b) intercast
c) broadcast
d) webcast

A malicious application that masquerades as a desired object that you download knowingly to your computer is called a:
a) Servlet
b) Trojan
c) Virus
d) Patch

Java applications that can be transmitted over the Internet as part of a Web page are called:
a) beans
b) modules
c) applets
d) servlets

Into which zone do you place Web sites that you believe could cause damage to your computer or your data?
a) Internet
b) Local
c) Trusted
d) Restricted

Which of the following is a metasearch engine?
a) Yahoo
b) Dogpile
c) Google
d) Ask

An audio file format that tells your computer’s sound chip when to turn notes on and off.
a) MP3
b) MP4
c) WMA

Which of the following was a hoax?
a) Love Bug
b) Netscape-AOL giveaway chain letter
c) Nimda
d) rotfl

Which of the following file types, upon simple opening, cannot by itself infect your computer with a virus?
a) doc
b) exe
c) txt
d) scm

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