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UT 5th Grade Science Standard 2. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The Grand Canyon is a result of two forces. What are they?
a) weathering and erosion
b) erosion and uplift
c) earthquakes and faulting
d) volcanoes and magma

In the spring, rocks often fall onto mountan roads. Why?
a) Tree roots cannot hold them in place any longer.
b) It is raining more than in the winter
c) Ice freezes in the rock at night, cracking them
d) Animals start to move around, pushing them down

Landscape Arch in Arches National Park had to be closed to visitors hiking near the base. How could an arch become dangerous?
a) Erosion could make it possible for it to collapse
b) Ice could fall off of it, harming the visitors
c) Snakes are attracted to some arches
d) The soil around the arch became polluted

A seismograph is a device used to measure wave movement through Earth's curst. What can it help predict?
a) earthquakes and volcanoes
b) floods and hurricanes
c) snowstorms and avalanches
d) drought and rainfall patterns

Which best completes this chart? 1. Uplift 2. Earthquakes 3.
a) volcanoes
b) sand dunes
c) shore lines
d) geysers

What is a mesa?
a) A large hill with a flat top and steep sides
b) A medium hill with a flat top and steep sides
c) A small hill with a flat top and steep sides
d) Only a city in AZ

Why would it be helpful to the general public for scientists to predict earthquakes?
a) so scientists can take measures to stop the earthquake
b) so scientists can warn people to evacuate the area
c) so scientists can redirect the earthquake to another place
d) so local citizens can preven the earthquake form happening

Underground salt deposits can be dissoved by ground water and carried away. What may happen next?
a) The ground may collapse
b) A volcano may go off
c) And earthquake may happen
d) The grand may form a dome

How long has it taken the Grand Canyon to form?
a) 100 years
b) 1,000 years
c) 2,000 years
d) over 5,000 years

It has taken millions of years for the Grand Canyon to build up and break down. Where would the oldest rocks of the canyon most likely be?
a) top of canyon
b) middle of canyon
c) bottom of canyon
d) eroded away

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