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How has the global economy affected employees in the United States
a) Has little effect on today’s workers in the United States.
b) Consists of only overseas manufacturing
c) Has only positive effects for the United States.
d) Has eliminated some jobs in the United States and created others.

Of the jobs in the 21st century, what percent will require technical skills acquired at the bachelor’s level or above?
a) More than 50%
b) About 20%
c) At least 40%
d) Cannot be predicted

Government resources are used to develop statistics reflecting state and regional occupational data also known as:
a) Internet job services
b) Labor market information
c) Job tasks and standards.
d) Workers compensation

Labor marker trends for the 21st century predict that the greatest number of workers will need to have which level of education?
a) High school diploma
b) Community college
c) Bachelor’s degree
d) Master’s degree

Lifelong learning is:
a) A continuation of learning as skills needed on a job change.
b) Required educational development.
c) No longer necessary in today’s workplace
d) Applicable only to formal education in the workplace.

An increase in the number of dual income families has created an increase in the area of:
a) Health occupations.
b) Law occupations.
c) Service occupations.
d) Farm occupations

A factor that workers should consider as they make geographic moves is:
a) Federal income taxes.
b) The number of employees.
c) The kind of industry
d) The cost of living.

Jobs in the future will increasingly involve more:
a) Employee telecommuting
b) Manual labor.
c) Rigid work schedules
d) Face-to-face meetings.

Which of the following would NOT have been a concern for workers in the 1950s?
a) Labor unions
b) assemble lines
c) internet
d) mass production concept

Private ownership, profit motive, competition, and freedom of choice are characteristics of a:
a) Socialistic
b) free enterprise system
c) mixed economy
d) central economy

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