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Major classification systems for occupations include all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Standard Occupational Classification.
b) US Office of Education career clusters.
c) Standard Industrial Classification
d) Computerized Career Information System

Two Internet resources with specific North Carolina career information include:
a) and
b) and
c) and
d) and

A North Carolina resource for career information is:

What might help students choose a nontraditional class?
a) Being taught by a non-traditional teacher.
b) Being the only student of that gender in class.
c) Having no interest in the instructional content.
d) Earning more money as a result of taking the class.

Which factor(s) might most positively influence the success of an entrepreneur?
a) Conducting no research about the business
b) Collecting as much information as possible about the business opportunity.
c) Offering services and products similar to those of other businesses in the area.
d) A business homepage

Which of the following should be included as part of the career information on a career profile?
a) Education
b) values
c) ethics
d) standards

Which is NOT a factor to consider in evaluating career options?
a) Educational requirements
b) work conditions
c) salary
d) friend's choice of career

What is a characteristic of an entrepreneur?
a) Most are retirees
b) Most individuals have the personality to be an entrepreneur.
c) Follows the leadership of others
d) Avoids risks.

Women make up more than half of the workforce in which industry?
a) Computer repair
b) Construction technology
c) Retail sales
d) Civil engineering

Occupations in which either gender comprises 25 percent or less of the workforce are:
a) Traditional occupations
b) Difficult occupations
c) Nontraditional occupations.
d) Undesirable occupations.

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