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Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of
a) the ability of civilizations to adapt to their region's physical geography
b) slash-and-burn farming techniques
c) Mesoamerican art forms symbolizing the importance of agriculture
d) colonial economic policies that harmed Latin American civilizations

Which statement best illustrates the concept of European mercantilism during the Age of Exploration?
a) England encouraged free trade among its colonies
b) Spain reduced exports to its South American colonies
c) Portugal sought trade benefits from its colonial possessions
d) France refused to give financial support to weak national industries

The primary goal of most of Europe's absolute monarch's was to
a) support political freedom for the new middle classes
b) prevent contact with areas beyond Europe's borders
c) centralize their political control over their nations
d) maintain peaceful relations with neighboring nations

Which statement about the encomienda system during the 16th and 17th centuries is accurate?
a) Aztec and Inca civilizations prospered
b) Life expectancy among Native American populations increased
c) Spanish influence declined in its colonies
d) Many Native Americans were forced to labor on large estates

The journals of early travelers such as Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, and Mansa Musa are examples of
a) primary sources describing observations of the travelers
b) works of fictions intended to describe the adventures of the travelers
c) secondary sources that record the travelers' interpretations of history
d) outdated resources for historical research

The introduction of banking, letters of credit, joint stock companies, and guilds contributed to the start of the
a) Renaissance
b) Agricultural Revolution
c) Enlightenment
d) Commercial Revolution

The fall of the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Turks (1453) prompted Spain and Portugal to
a) seek new trade routes to East Asia
b) extend religious tolerance to Muslim peoples
c) reform their political systems
d) expand the Catholic Inquisition into the Middle East

One similarity of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca empires is that they
a) developed in fertile river valleys
b) maintained democratic political systems
c) coexisted peacefully with neighboring empires
d) created complex civilizations

Which statement explains why the Renaissance began in Italy?
a) Italy was not influenced by a classical heritage
b) The Italian city-states were wealthy centers of trade and manufacturing
c) Italy was politically unified by a strong central government
d) The Catholic Church did not have any influence in Italy.

Niccolo Machiavelli in The Prince and Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan both advocated that a ruler should
a) obtain power from a social contract with the governed
b) place the needs of the subjects first
c) apply Christian teachings to all decisions
d) employ absolute power to maintain order in the areas under their rule

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