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What is the saclike structure thatproduces pollen?
a) anther
b) pollen
c) seed
d) stigma

What is the tip of the pistil that receives the pollen?
a) stigma
b) filament
c) anther
d) style

What is a mature ovule containing an embryo plant?
a) seed
b) fruit
c) flower
d) leaf

What is attached to the anther?
a) filament
b) style
c) stem
d) petal

What is the stalk between ovary and stigma?
a) style
b) stem
c) pollen tube
d) filament

What do you call organisms that have 2 of every chromosome?
a) diploid
b) haploid
c) zygote
d) gamete

What is a sugary liquid that attracts pollinators?
a) nectar
b) pollen
c) fruit
d) sugar

Which form of reproduction provides little genetic variaton?
a) asexual
b) sexual
c) planting
d) seeds

Who works with growing, harvesting, processing, or shipping vegetable, fruits, flowers, or ornamental plants?
a) horticurlturist
b) biologist
c) landscaper
d) manicurist

What are the leaflike structures at the base of a flower called?
a) sepals
b) petals
c) leaves
d) stem

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